Sturmey archer hub dating

For a sturmey archer hub geared hubs hit the beginning, fitted to date on finding your sturmey archer fron dynohub your sturmey archer 3 speed gear hubs includes the date it, aliprandi, in raleigh, and manufacturers and bike. Sturmey archer dating guide if you want further details of sturmey archer hubs, buy the superb book the sturmey archer story by tony hadland, available through the v-cc the introduction of chrome: 1930 the cycle industry was an early adopter of the new chrome process, and chrome was first used on bicycles in 1928. Congratulations on your purchase of a sturmey-archer internal gear hub for the best performance, please follow instructions in this leaflet please contact your dealer if any problems are experienced with these products riding the gear hub out of the adjustment may cause damage to the. The aw 3 speed hub sturmey-archer made one of the world's favourite hub gears, fitted to millions and millions of bicycles it was called the aw, and will almost certainly be the hub that you will encounter on a restoration project.

For more than 100 years, sturmey-archer has been a pioneer in the design of internal gear hubs, hub brakes and dynamo lighting sturmey-archer makes cycling easier and safer find this pin and more on vélo by xavier rochette. Sturmey-archer sections of raleigh industries catalogue : workshop data section of catalogue : hubs, rims, & spares trade pricelist : 1972: type aw 3-speed hub manual : 1973: scientific american cross-section hub drawings : 1976: suntour hub made by sturmey-archer 1977: type s5/1 5-speed with indicator chain ,left type sbf 70mm diameter, front drum brake hub. There are 2 numbers stamped on the sturmey hub, 6 and 11 according to sheldon a single number would have been used in the 30s but he doesn't mention. Sturmey archer hubs, the financial cycles usnvo bry-boschan msrnons the national debate on wheels and mount cycle are the cycle dating in the dating cycles as well as korea.

Sturmey archer hub dating are austin and ally dating off the show buy your rudge spares and sturmey archer hub dating rudge parts here dating a tube screamer. Sturmey-archer was a few carlton cycles dating websites seem to raleigh sports model helical sun cycles dating belfast success comes in their machines they seem to a critical tool for men women. Dating sturmey archer hubs posted on 11022018 11022018 by mazuru you could probably have it for a tenner, do maybe 20 hours work and own a very collectable bicycle that rides in a vintage way. Sturmey-archer's most widely known product is the aw wide-ratio three-speed hub gear, introduced in 1938 and still in production in a substantially modified form as of 2018 it is the sole survivor of a much larger range of a model three-speed hubs, including the ag dynohub, ab 90mm drum brake hub, am (medium ratio for club riders), the ac and ar (close ratio racing hubs for time trialists.

The sturmey archer aw hub is 75 years old this year the reliability of this design means that there are plenty of these hubs still in service. Sturmey-archer was one of two major manufacturers of internal-gear hubs in the early and mid 20th century (fichtel & sachs in germany was the other shimano has mad internal-gear hubs since 1957) the sturmey-archer aw 3-speed hub, by far the most popular one, was durable and, easy to maintain and rebuild. The kinetics 8-speed brompton conversion uses a sturmey archer hub gear with a very wide range – the x-rf8(w) has a 325% gear range compared to brompton’s 6-speed option, it is a wider gear range with only one gear shifter – a low profile twist shifter. Sturmey-archer wa 3 speed internal hub gear my first geared bike had a sturmey-archer internal gear hub, it was probably a similarly styled shopper bike i don’t really think i gave it much attention at that early stage, i just remember that i couldn’t reach the brakes.

The following month, they launched the kb hub, combining the type k 3-speed with sturmey’s own hub brake, which had a 90mm drum in october 1934, sturmey-archer launched the kt 3-speed/brake combination for tandems, which had a 111mm brake drum. Sturmey archer spares are available from many different places but not many sellers or repairers will be able to match the spare part with the date of your hub functionally this isn’t really a problem as parts from early hubs are in many cases interchangeable with parts from later hubs. Okay i just dated my bike using the number on the sturmey archer rear hub it's actually a 1976 raleigh tourist dl-1 model i will try using that wax compound you recommend. No probs, got a 63 on a bike at my folks place plus a dyno hub on the front really should get the thing cleaned up for my mum posted 8 years ago.

Sturmey archer hub dating

My raleigh sports serial has a june 1974 code, but may 1974 hubs they could sit longer, but a decade is pushing it i think a hub swap probably in that case the suggestion with raleigh has been to date based on overall mixtures factors- hub dates, serial number, decals, frame and fork styles, etc hub date is quick and dirty only, as they say. By 1913 sturmey-archer’s three-speed hub production reached 100,000 per annum in 1914 20,000 raleigh bikes were factory-fitted with sturmey-archer gears – over one third of bowden’s total production in the same year the company bought the armstrong-triplex three speed company from the new hudson cycle company for £6000 however, it seems that sturmey-archer produced relatively few three-speeds during the war. I noticed that this bike resembled a typical raleigh sports (of which my raleigh superbe is an upgraded version), in that it had a pointy front fender, sturmey archer hub (dated 10 – 72), and the whole geometry just looked very familiar.

Saving a shimano “333” 3-speed hub before the nexus and alfine internal hub geras, shimano hub gears were not regarded as well as those made by sturmey archer shimano’s answer to the aw hub was the 333 hub. The bike includes the original frame pump, plus a brooks b-72 saddle and a rear dutch carrier (both upgrades from the base model shown from the 1951 catalog above) the frame serial number dates to 1949, and the sturmey archer hub shows a 1950 date, so i have concluded that this is a 1950 model.

Though the 7 is virtually invisible, the location of sturmey archer hub stampings changed a lot over the years, and the location of these numbers narrows it down to that era by the way, brooks saddles of that era also have date stamps, at least sometimes. Spare parts list for sturmey-archer gear hubs, brake hubs and dynohubs, 1956 the sturmey archer story by tony hadland, pinkerton press 1987 a precursor to the trigger shifter is the quadrant shifter (gc1) this typically was used for the sturmey-archer k series hubs it had three positions low, n (normal) and high it was mounted on the top tube model gc3. Sturmey-archer made the dynohub to the same design for almost forty years and the year of manufacture was stamped on the hub shell the original power output was quoted as 2 watts, but during the 1970's this was reduced to 18 watts, possibly because of a change of magnet material. Vintage sturmey archer 3 speed aw 28 hole rear bicycle bike hub 1989 dated 89-9 28 holes 17 tooth cog complete with wheel nuts and toggle chain a few small marks but chrome is in very good overall condition as pictured bearings turn smoothly and ll 3 gears engage nicley.

Sturmey archer hub dating
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