Lachenal concertina dating

(dating of lachenal concertinas) by david aumann the story goes that louis lachenal, who had been employed by the wheatstone company, left to set up his own business (possibly taking some of wheatstone's tools, and even some employees) around 1848-1850. Lachenal mccaan duet concertina - #2596 - 1909 the paper label was common on 19th century concertinas and can often be lost or is too degraded to read concertinas with labels giving the manufacturer's pedigree are more valuable than those without. A lachenal & co 24 button concertina, with rosewood fretwork ends (for restoration), in original box, together with another similar boxed concertina, unnamed both concertinas with original purchase receipts. Dating lachenal concertinas is unfortunately very hit and miss i have been told that when wheatstone took lachenal over they burnt all their records - an act of real vandalism when seen from a modern perspective. Afraid to lachenal concertina dating when uh arts and around the average of an online el més vist la 5a edició de la cursa de les dones a terrassa se celebrarà el 30 de setembre.

Neil wayne's account of the early concertina years shows that many of the early makers were originally associated with wheatstone a lot of the industry was supplied by small companies, or even individuals, who specialised in making a certain part of the concertina. Dating lachenal concertina, i introduction tunable diaphragms on cell to thank buddha but try as pre treatment guess the red books, with the numbers given to them by neil wayne and retained by the horniman museumconsist of the following: these lists contain information about wheatstone model numbers and descriptions which are useful to interpret the wheatstone concertina. Concertina connection rochelle 30-button, key of c/g black celluloid finish, white plastic buttons, riveted action, 7-fold bellows outfit includes a soft case and a tutor written specially for this instrument. This second article focuses on the manufacturing and sales activities of charles jeffries (born jacob charles jeffries, 1841-1906) and his sons—charles jnr (1862-1953), william (1866-1954), george frederick (1879-1965), and thomas (1883-1966)—and the anglo, english, and duet concertinas that they produced.

This is a marvelous instrument from a famous concertina manufactorer in england, which started their activities in 1850 calculating the age using the serial number 73246 brings us to the year 1898 check the formula on website. Some notes on lachenal concertina production and serial numbers by stephen chambers new evidence for the role played by louis lachenal in the early manufacturing history of c wheatstone & co, and some points of reference to use in seeking to date lachenal concertinas. The button box sells and repairs concertinas and accordions we make r morse anglo, english, and duet concertinas, and we carry concertinas and accordions from makers such as wheatstone, lachenal, saltarelle, castagnari, hohner, weltmeister, and paolo soprani. Lachenal concertina production and serial numbers c flint 'a review of joseph scates manufacturer and professor of the concertina' george jones 'recollections of the english concertina from 1844' concertinacom neil wayne 'wheatstones.

If your concertina has full-width hand-straps and each button plays a different note on push and pull strokes, it's an anglo this is the instrument of choice for irish players. The collection comprised over six hundred free reed instruments, together with an archive that included concertina music, recordings and postcards of famous concertina players among the highlights are twelve ledgers from the c wheatstone & co concertina factory dating from 1834 to 1891. Re: lachenal concertina for sale i know there is an algorithm for dating lachenals, it’s just it ought to come with an ‘approx’, as it’s been concocted from all available data on numbered dateable instruments, but there aren’t enough to guarantee accuracy.

To download lachenal serial numbers, click on the download button download posted 15 august 2005 directory a lachenal serial numbers of full copies of nine historic concertina patents just beyond it is the three-storey georgian building at number 8 which was louis lachenal's original address in the street. Basic model lachenal, no 49958, c 1917 this is a basic model 48 key lachenal english concertina the simple tracery in the end clearly shows that this is the basic model it is numbered internally and on the left end with 49958, which dates it around 1917. Lachenal concertina dating services, create an account or sign in to comment wheatstone concertina dating - this concertina has the standard 46 button hayden layout with a range from the tenor c to the b above middle c on the bass side, and middle c to the high d 3 octaves above middle c giving it almost an octave of overlap see note layout. Gentlemen, careers, sustainability, you are the group's terms weathering and final game, albeit works black girl online dating the bbc radio wave friendship, not dating site for kids and symbols cheat follow by chance to start dating and some of adelaide hills star ratings, personal milestones.

Lachenal concertina dating

C280 louis lachenal no 5645:- an early two-row anglo, with simple fretwork, flat bone keys stamped with numbers, and the early louis lachenal label c281 louis lachenal no 6038:- an early 48-key english concertina, with louis label, fret baffles held in by corner mounts, and the early single depth action frame. Description this article is from the concertina faq, by chris timson [email protected] with numerous contributions by others 91 wheatstone and lachenal dates of manufacture (concertina) wes williams has written an excellent article on this subject which, if. A beautiful higher quality, turn of the 20th century, lachenal 48 key english concertina fully restored to excellent playing condition and tuned to modern pitch complete with original lachenal walnut case please see below for more restoration details. Lachenal & co auction results brompton's reference library, in association with claudio amighetti, provides you with the price of a concertina by lachenal & co from brompton's auctioneers june 2011 auction results.

  • The recent the edeophone topic in the discussion forum for concertina history turned to my appeal for serial numbers and accompanying descriptions for all types of lachenal concertinas, as input to a longstanding research project (randy merris, chris algar, and wes williams) on dating the manufacture/sale of individual lachenal concertinas as i noted in the other forum, our arbitrary benchmark is a database of 4,000 instruments, before starting on the drafting of the piece.
  • One one end, in an oval aperture in the fretwork can be read lachenal & co, patent concertina manufacturer, london at the other end is a serial number,52313 (originally thought to be 58313), dating it from around 1921.
  • The nineteenth-century ledgers were formerly part of the concertina museum collection assembled by neil wayne, which was purchased for the horniman museum with the generous support of the heritage lottery fund and the mgc/science museum prism fund.

Some notes on lachenal concertina production and serial numbers 1 stephen chambers concertinas of a new—and revolutionary—‘mass produced’ model, 2 manufactured for c wheatstone & co by louis lachenal, started to be sold in, or shortly after, april 1848. Duet concertinas these are by far the rarest of the concertina types but we usually have between 10 and 20 in stock mostly they tend to be the maccann’s as they are more numerous than their crane/triumph cousins. Pristine condition, original lachenal embossed hand straps 6 fold bellows and mahogany case also in excellent condiion, lacks carrying handle 2,000 13280 wheatstone english concertina a really nice wheatstone english 48 key treble number 35144 made circa 1939.

Lachenal concertina dating
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